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I’ve been working with the Black Lives Matter movement in both Turlock and Merced California. I’ve talked with the organization leaders and came up with what I hope will be a win-win method for making their cause and rallies more effective.

Racism in America is spiking right now. Proud Boys and other racists are attending the BLM events with the intention of violence. The police are not stopping the violence and when they do attend they are often in riot gear facing the BLM peaceful protestors and supporting the Proud Boys.

A few weekends ago (November 2020) at a Sacramento rally a Proud Boy used Bear Mace and sprayed it directly in the face of Jaimee who is the leader of the Turlock Black Lives Matter group.

Jaimee goes to many BLM events and recognizes many of the Proud Boys and other racists that are attending. She has some of their names and knows that one of them came from Oregon while he is on bail for crimes of violence at Oregon events.

Currently the Proud Boys actually have a ranking system and to achieve higher ranks you must physically attack someone.

Currently there is no dis-incentive for Proud Boys. They can go to events and attack people. They can use bear mace on peaceful protestors and the police do nothing.

I want to find a lawyer that will work with the BLM movement and actively prosecute and sue everyone involved as a way to teach these people that crime is punishable. Currently at the end of a rally the next day the Proud Boys get together and congratulate each other and brag about how many people they hurt. I want that changed so the next day they are talking about how many were arrested and how many are now being sued.

I would like the police department sued for negligence when they do not do their job during rallies where racists provoke violence. I was personally at a rally in Merced where a police car drove by and a policeman flipped off the peaceful protestors.

Only by pressing criminal charges and litigation are we ever going to teach the racists and police departments that their actions are not acceptable.

What happened in November 2020 may be beyond action at this point even though the bear mace incident was filmed. I want to prepare for future events. Every Saturday in Sacramento the Proud Boys are coming from as far away as Oregon to start fights and cause problems. What do we need to do to prosecute them?

We can easily have someone at the events filming and taking photos of the attackers and their vehicle license plates. I even have a mini-drone for aerial photos if that would help.

Is there a law against leaving Oregon when you are out on bail? Can we report that one?

Using bear mace - is that a bio-weapon which is against the law to use on people? Spraying it in the eyes of a person could cause permanent psychological and emotional damage to the victim, right?

My hope is to find a contingency lawyer who will help us prosecute and litigate. My hope is the litigation against both the individuals and the police department will provide the necessary funds to make it worthwhile for the lawyer.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know. My hope is to work with one lawyer and have them first become the lawyer of the central-valley BLM groups. After proof-of-concept then have the process expand to all of California with a single lawyer representing all the BLM’s.

If you are interested in prosecuting racists and making America a better place, send us a message and let us know. Or just send us some good legal advice on what we should do next. There is a chance that Proud Boys will be declared a terrorist group after Biden takes office. Starting lawsuits against their members now would be ideal.

December 20th, 2020

Destiny Christian Church is a hateful, no mask, anti gay, Trump supporting, Proud Boy church located in Rocklin California. Yesterday, a group of peaceful protestors (mostly women, elderly and even had a few young kids) planned to stand on the sidewalk with signs opposing the hateful church and their pastor Greg Farrington.

They have been operating indoors at basically full capacity since May. This is a mega church who received a PPE loan and is tax exempt. This church is on the level of The House in Modesto. If you’re familiar with that church, you know they basically have their own society.

The Proud Boys assaulted multiple people and threatened with bear mace on multiple different occasions. Rocklin PD sent about 3 officers to handle the crowd and one officer said it was his first protest. One thug clearly had a loaded gun on him which are not legal to carry at a peaceful demonstration under SB-1099 (since 2018). These officers did do anything about the whacko making threats to shoot us and making shotgun gestures towards us. They burned a BLM flag. These are hateful people who feel justified in their racism and violent actions. We need to be have some legal recourse against them or they will keep continue their hate crimes.

As we were attempting to walk back to our cars, we were being followed by these crazy Trump supporters and Proud Boys. One was hiding in a bush and jumped out and assaulted a partially blind, disabled man. Rocklin PD say they “didn’t see it” and didn’t give the person a chance to file a police report.

Now you see that White Supremacy has no boundaries. White Supremacy doesn’t just go away. If it did, the Proud Boys would have never gotten off the ground running in this capacity when Gavin McInnes first formed the group in 2016.

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